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The Best Colours to Paint a Bathroom

June 24, 2019 12:54 pm
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The Best Colours to Paint a Bathroom

Transform the style of your bathroom space and set the tone for the entire design by choosing the right colour for you. We’ve chosen some of the best colours to paint from our favoured paint supplier Myland Paints:


White is one of the most versatile colours and will never go out of style. It will make your bathroom seem brighter, regardless of the size, and you can get creative with different colour accents. Create a theme throughout your bathroom and complement your style with a darker tone such as navy blue or forest green.


Creamy whites and soft taupe offer the same versatility as white and will lighten your space. By pairing it with lighter pastel hues, it will make the atmosphere feel warm, cosy and comfortable. Alternatively, create a more luxurious feel by choosing marble surfaces or metallic features.


Another neutral option could leave your bathroom feeling as fresh as a whole makeover. Grey is a shade that will last for years to come and is versatile for any future pops of colour. By choosing this tone, whether it is a complete overhaul or just to add another level to your white bathroom, you have the option to add more extravagant accessories.


A classic combination: blue and white. No matter what shade you go for, these nautical shades will whisk you away to a personal oasis. Choosing light blues and greys will create the perfect spa-like atmosphere so you can truly relax. Or, a bolder choice of navy blue with contrasting white will emulate a clean and striking style.


Why not add an edge and opt for something completely opposite to the traditional bathroom? If you’re feeling bold, go for black to add some contrast and drama to your space. If you would rather tone it down a bit, use black to highlight accents within the room, showcasing your tiles or woodwork features.

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