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Create an Impact in Your Bathroom with Tiles

October 22, 2019 1:35 pm
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One way to completely restore your bathroom space is by replacing or adding tiles. Amplify its elegance and undeniably create an impact by choosing the best style of tile for your bathroom. Here are some ideas and inspiration for how you can achieve the supreme transformation:

Innovative Ideas for Bathroom Tiles

Textured Tiling

By adding a contrasting textured tile to your smooth bathroom suite, this can make an interesting and eye-catching effect. You could install an alternating pattern between textured and smooth tiles to create a striped design or use them to enhance the bath or shower area for a spa-like feel. Neutral shades are the go-to tone for textured tiles, but don’t be afraid to go bold instead!

Bold Bordering

If you aren’t feeling bold enough to add bright tiles to the entire bathroom wall, why not opt for some vibrant bordering instead? Even if you’ve got quite a minimalist design, a pop of colour could truly make an impact in your space. By using a contrasting colour to frame the room will draw the eye around, make it seem bigger and create unity.

Prominent Patterns

If your bathroom space is quite compact, choose an intricate design and draw the eye to a particular area by creating a feature wall. Do you have quite a spacious bathroom? A large-scale pattern would be better suited, even more so if you are feeling daring and want to make an impact by using patterned tiles for your floor as well as your walls.

Classic Monochrome

What’s more classic than a monochrome tiled bathroom floor? When people normally think of tiles, the first thing that springs to mind is decorating the walls, not the floor. Dare to be different with chequerboard tiles that catch your eye every time you walk in the room. Carry on the monochrome theme throughout the décor and enjoy this timeless design for years to come.

Bathroom Tiles at Kitchens 2 Bathrooms

Next time you think of updating your bathroom, make sure you turn to tiles as they can truly make an impact on your space. Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms to view our extensive tile range.

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