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How To Choose Bathroom Lighting For Your Home

May 29, 2020 9:44 am
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When it comes to bathroom lighting, it can be quite overwhelming deciding which kind to choose for your space. With so many designs, it can prove to be difficult picking out which ones not only look the best but perform the best in your bathroom.

Luckily, we have created a guide to help you.

Guide to Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Safety First

One of the first things you must consider is whether they are actually safe to use in your bathroom. Every light fitting has an IP rating which indicates which bathroom zone they are safe to use in.

Bathroom Lighting Zones

  • Zone 0 – Lights that will be completely submerged in water, for example inside a bath or wetroom floor; light fittings with a rating of IP67 are suitable for this zone.
  • Zone 1 – Lights that will be placed directly above your bath or shower; light fittings with a rating of IP67 are suitable for this zone.
  • Zone 2 – Lights that will be fitted around the perimeter of Zone 1, plus the radius of your sink; light fittings with a rating of IP44 are suitable for this zone.
  • Zone 3 – Lights that will be fitted outside the zones above and will not come into contact with any jet water; light fittings with a rating of IP20 are suitable for this zone, although no special lighting is technically required.

Types of Bathroom Lighting

Now the serous stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the different designs of bathroom lights. There are a few different ones you can choose for various areas of your bathroom space.


LED spotlights are probably the number one choice for bathroom lighting. They can come in a variety of styles such as a bar, where they are lined up in a row or a plate, where they are grouped on a shaped base. Spotlights are versatile because their angle can be changed and altered to your preference.


Similar to spotlights, downlights are well known for being built into the wall, whether it’s the ceiling or hidden alcoves, and for being either fixed or tilted. They have the ability to add a contemporary glow to any bathroom, in whatever zone you desire. By adding a dimmer to these lights, you can create the perfect relaxing atmosphere you want from your bathroom.

Task Lighting

Lights above or around your vanity area, also known as task lighting, is both practical and stylish. This type of lighting will help you focus on your morning and evening routines and make carrying out tasks like putting on makeup or having a shave a nice, easy job.

Expert Tips for Choosing Bathroom Lighting

The Right Bulb Choice

Not only do you need to think about the position of the light, but also the kind of bulb you should use. They are available in various colour temperatures, generally from a cool white to a warm white. Want some other advice on how to make your bathroom feel warmer?

Maximising Natural Daylight

Your bathroom should ideally let in as much natural daylight as possible. If you don’t already have a north-facing bathroom with a large, frosted window, then the best way to achieve a temperature that is similar to natural daylight, 2700K lightbulbs are ideal.

To add some flexibility to your bathroom lighting, a dimmer switch is a necessity. This way, you can achieve natural daylight as well as a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, all in one.

Bespoke Bathroom Design from Kitchens 2 Bathrooms

If you are still feeling unsure about which bathroom lighting to choose for your space, come and visit our showroom and talk to one of our experts. We can help you find the perfect lighting for your bathroom!

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