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How to Choose the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

November 27, 2019 1:54 pm
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There are a huge number of different types of showers, it’s quite overwhelming to choose which one you want. Have no fear, we have the perfect method to determine which shower is the right one for your home.

Identify Your Water and Heating System

You will first need to determine your plumbing system as it can have a massive impact on what kind of shower you can install in your bathroom. Unless you’re looking to upgrade it, here are some things you need to consider when it comes to your water and heating system.

  • Gravity-Fed System

A gravity-fed system is the most common household plumbing system and is most common in older properties. Usually with a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, this layout means you will have a low water pressure.

This doesn’t limit your choice of shower as power showers were designed to offer optimum performance for lower water pressures. Shower pumps are also available to boost your system pressure and can even feed multiple showers simultaneously if you have a larger property.

  • Combination Boiler

Becoming more popular within households is the combination boiler. Relying solely on mains pressure, you have hot water on demand, as and when you use it. There is no hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank, so it is a high-pressure system.

Due to this high-pressure water system, you are able to choose a manual shower to provide hot water on demand.

  • Unvented System

Unvented systems consist of a hot water tank, normally located in an airing cupboard, that stores hot water at mains pressure. This cylinder is heated by an immersion heater or boiler under high pressure so large volumes of water can be supplied.

Just like the combination boiler, the high pressure system of an unvented system gives you the option of a mixer shower.

  • Cold Mains

If you have a cold mains system, this means that cold water comes into your home through a rising main. Electric showers are best suited to this plumbing system, however, if your system doesn’t have the minimum pressure required for such showers, a tank-fed, pumped electric shower would be perfect.

Look at the Different Types of Showers

By researching the different types of shower system, you can narrow down your choice even more.

  • Manual Showers

Manual showers, also known as mixer showers, combine the hot and cold water supplies together so you can set it to your desired temperature every time you shower. They are easy to install and simple to operate.

Mixer showers are ideal for combination boilers, with a good water supply and high water pressure; pumps can be added to low-pressure water systems if necessary though.

  • Electric Showers

Electric showers are also easy to install and simple to use. By drawing from the cold water supply, they use their own heating element to warm the water, meaning they are the most economic option. Heating the water on demand means you can have a hot shower any time of the day.

This type of shower is perfect for cold mains water systems, as these rely solely on cold water and can easily heat it up for showers.

  • Thermostatic Showers

Similar to a manual, mixer shower, a thermostatic shower uses both the hot and cold water supplies but the difference is that you can set a constant, ideal temperature for every time you shower.

As both a hot and cold water supply is needed, thermostatic showers are best suited for combination boilers and unvented systems.

  • Power Showers

Power showers often get confused with electric showers, but they pull from both your hot and cold water supplies. They have a pump within the mechanism to give it that extra pressure boost and they are designed with either manual or thermostatic temperature controls.

Low-pressure water systems, like gravity-fed systems, would benefit greatly from a power shower.

In addition to the range of different shower systems, you also have to consider the space you have in your bathroom, and whether you should choose a shower enclosure, shower bath or a wet room.

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