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Kitchen Islands With K2B Kitchens

August 1, 2018 9:31 am
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Most people looking at remodelling their kitchen have a kitchen island on their wish list, and for good reason. They suit a variety of interior styles and home sizes, from a busy family to a smaller couples’ home, and add a great amount of functionality.

Although smaller kitchens don’t always have enough room for an island, we recommend that if you do have the space, then an island centrepiece for the kitchen is definitely worth it.

An island is extremely useful as a storage solution, offering you more space incorporated into a new work surface that’s easily accessible from any angle. The variations of designs available mean that they’re suitable for every kitchen, with bespoke islands to suit your personal style being one of our specialties.



Islands can be connected to your plumbing for the inclusion of a sink, dishwasher, or both, along with the integration of hobs, making them the ideal centrepiece for the kitchen. A popular use is also as a dining area, with a couple of high stools for quick eating around the island for quick, smaller meals like breakfast or a light lunch. As previously mentioned, islands also function as extra storage space, great for keen cooks to store all their pots and pans or for family homes which needs lots of dinnerware.

Go bespoke

With our bespoke service, our kitchen designers and technicians can create all sorts of island options that serve your specifications, so that you get your perfect island! Go for our beautiful Lavenham bespoke option – it means you can close the doors on the clutter going on behind!

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