Bespoke Contemporary Kitchen Designs

For clients searching for something sleek and stylish, we offer a range of modern and textured doors and cabinets. Pop into our Stowmarket or Bury St. Edmunds showroom to view our range of bespoke contemporary kitchens.

Modern Kitchens, Designed in Suffolk

When you think of contemporary design, you probably think clean, open and minimalistic. As elegant as they can be, modern kitchens do not have to lack in characteristics and personality. If you love the quirks that come with traditional kitchen designs, you can incorporate them too!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to modern kitchens, there are no limitations. Whether you want a cool or warm atmosphere, a family-friendly or sleek design, you can get creative and produce the kitchen of your dreams with help from Kitchens 2 Bathrooms.

We always aim to bring you a contemporary style that is unique to you, filled with modern materials and fine craftsmanship. For a streamlined design, we have handle-less cabinets and integrated appliances, creating a stylish yet functional finish. Both seamless and timeless, we can help you achieve a modern elegance that is perfect for you.

Whether you are looking to design a kitchen from scratch or a revamp for your current kitchen, you should come and visit our Bury St. Edmunds or Stowmarket showroom for some inspiration. Our designers at Kitchens 2 Bathrooms understand that kitchens need to look good, on top of being functional for your cooking experience.

Do you want to build your own bespoke modern kitchen? Contact us today to discuss your ideas with one of our experts and find your style.