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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

July 9, 2020 9:33 am
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Self-care is extremely important, making sure you put that time aside to look after yourself and indulge in luxury relaxation. What better way to truly relax than to transform your bathroom into your very own spa?

From accessories and design features to homemade beauty treatments, you can create the ideal spa day for you.

Ways to Create a Spa-like Atmosphere

First of all, Candles

Yes, it’s basic and simple but candlelight is very effective at creating the most relaxing environment. Especially when you choose scented candles with hints of lavender and other floral notes, you can relax all your senses and clear your mind completely. Line all your surfaces with candles and turn both the lights and your thoughts off.

Organised Shelving, Organised Mind

By utilising your shelving, you can arrange your bathroom accessories whilst displaying these candles. With open shelves, you can use baskets and glass dispensers to store your spa essentials. Towels, cotton pads and buds, lotions and potions, they can all be ready to hand as and when you need them during your self-care routine.

Welcome with Plants

It is well known that plants provide a lot of oxygen which, in turn, cleans the air and provides a fresh atmosphere for your space. Add sophistication by displaying succulents around your bathroom and creating an inviting environment. Also, they can be a gentle reminder that you should care for yourself as you would these plants.

Turn the Heat Up

What do you first think of when you go into a spa? The steam, the heat, the calm warmth you can settle into. By cosying up your floors with stunning bathroom rugs, you can make sure your space is comfy right from the start. Or, you could invest in underfloor heating when designing your bathroom so this can be an option with a flick of a switch!

Gold is Good

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count, which is why our designers believe that some gilded goodness can turn your bathroom into the spa of your dreams. With gold details like handles, faucets, frames and lights, these features can make your bathroom instantly feel more luxe and sophisticated.

Bathroom Spa Design from Kitchens 2 Bathrooms

Want your bathroom to constantly feel like your own personal spa? Talk to one of our designers or visit our showroom to get some inspiration and design your spa today. Handmade cabinetry, luxurious detailing and beautiful stone tiles can all bring your relaxing bathroom space together – You’ll never want to get out!

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